Enhance Your Experience

  • Percussion Gun- This is a massage gun added to the session to deepen the pressure and provide vibration to break adhesions. $10

  • Mini Hot Stone- This service is hot rocks added to areas with enormous knots and tension. Warm Towels are included. $10

  • Hand and Foot Scrubs- Sugar Scrub is used to exfoliate hands and feet to remove dead skin and dry skin. Warm Towels Included. $20

  • CBD/Hemp Oil- This cream is added as a pain reliever. This does not include THC. Warm Towels are included. $10

  • Aromatherapy- This service includes essential oils of your choice to promote healing and stimulate a hormone in the body. Warm towels included. $10

  • Dry Brush Exfoliation treatment- Exfoliating treatment stimulates healthy blood and lymph flow. $25

Please Notify your Therapist before your session that you would like to enhance your session with an add-on.

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