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Charhonda Crawford

We believe your body is a temple, your mental health matters, and your level of physical relaxation allows you to reach your fullest potential. 

At a young age, Charhonda was intrigued by anatomy and physiology and helped family members with pain relief and relaxation. She began massage therapy in the Summer of 2017 and graduated in October of 2018 as a Clinical Massage Therapist.


Charhonda’s desire has been to impact as many people through the knowledge of self, anatomy, nutrition, and pain management. Purely Kneaded Bodywork has been a tremendous success landing contracts with Charlotte ProAm, Charlotte Hornets, and several chiropractors in the Charlotte area.

Milk and Flower Bath
Milk and Flower Bath

Our mission


is to help and heal our community through therapeutic touch and by educating each guest in anatomy & physiology, so that they can heal themselves and their families.

Milk and Flower Bath

Our vision


is a world where we can live pain free, longer lives, and have an abundance
of wealth.