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Goldenrod Goals

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

The Benefits and uses of Goldenrod herb

Goldenrod Solidago: Uses and Benefits

Goldenrod (also known as Solidago) is an herbal plant that grows wildly in its natural habitat. There are over 100 species of the plant, and most are native to North America.

It seems that most of the plants love the sun while others prefer shaded woodlands and marsh environments. The plants are very strong as they can endure difficult weather conditions and cold, drought, poor soil and have little disease and insect issues.

Goldenrod is used around the globe. It has many traditional uses, mainly as a diuretic and for urological issues but has been known to help with inflammation, excessive fluid in the body, lowering blood pressure, and wound healing. It is listed as a great way to remove bacteria in the mouth by creating a mouthwash for daily use.

Different species have also been used for pain, Infections, gout, diabetes and rheumatism.

We do not recommend using it if you are on doctors prescribed diuretics, have a cardiac or kidney disorder, are dehydrated, pregnant or under age 12. It is commonly used as a paste for wound healing, a mouthwash, and can be consumed as a tea.


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