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What is -itis?

Updated: Jul 29, 2023

In short, itis is a suffix for inflammation. According to Webster's dictionary, itis is forming names of inflammatory diseases. Well, what does that actually mean and can itis be cured or prevented. In short, Yes. Itis is the result of poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and an extremely large amount of water retention. Many guests ask me to focus on their arthritis and bursitis but diseases ending in itis can be prevented solely on proper diet or nutrition with lymphatic massage to properly remove the excessive amount of fluid from the body.

What is -ITIS | Purely Kneaded Bodywork

What is inflammation exactly?

inflammation is the body’s natural response to illness or injury. It is a part of your immune system and can be described as a bandage over a cut. Proper diet or healthy eating habits start with eliminating foods that cause inflammation such as excessive sugars, foods high in sodium (seafood, red meat, and fried foods). Processed foods are high in both sugar and sodium and should be eliminated completely from the diet of someone who suffers from any diseases ending in the suffix itis.. This is easier said than done but it’s a process that you must commit to if you want to be healed from these illnesses.

Exercise is the 2nd most important life change to combat illnesses ending in itis. You don’t have to join a gym or start running marathons. Start slow by just adding 10 mins of walking daily. You can also start 30 min workouts in your home. Try 25 jumping jacks every single day while walking and watch the results roll in but you must remember that your diet and eating habits are most important. Replace all the foods above with fruits, vegetables, and foods that require adequate time to prepare. If you are struggling with food options or a list of the proper foods to eat. I would encourage you to grab a copy of “How to eat to live” by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad. This book outlines the proper foods, the proper time to eat, and the proper way to prepare your foods to remove mental and physical illness.

By no means is this a prescription or cure. It is a recommendation from a Clinical Massage Therapist and should be evaluated by oneself to determine if the information above is helpful.


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